365 ART+ Magazine ( BUSINESS DEVELOPMNET platform)

365 Art +(plus) Magazine is more than just an other “picture book”…It’s not about Fashion , It’s a BUSINESS SUPPORT & DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM for the Designers, Artists and Creators .

Our magazine is about storytelling. Images hold the potential to share some of the most powerful stories that connect us no matter where in the world we live. It shares with potential business people and brands that has outstanding successful stories . The periodical magazine applauds relevant and visually stunning features on art, design, business, writing, film, music, photography, style and other creative genres. Featured talents can share their latest projects and audience can gain insight into their imaginative perception.

We accept exclusive submissions from emerging photographers and their creative teams, artists and fashion designers/ brands.

This Magazine is in 3 languages- English, Japanese & Russian. It gives a chance to introduce as many talents , creatives and top brands as possible.

Please note that “emerging” does not mean “just started”. We promoting new and exciting talents who are wholly committed to their craft through never ending experimentation, who dares to push the limit and bring such fantasies to life.

Please read carefully our submission guidelines!

365毎日アートプラス マガジン とは。。。

365 Art + Magazineは、単なる他の「絵本」ではありません…それはファッションに関するものではなく、デザイナー、アーティスト、クリエイターのためのビジネスサポートと開発プラットフォームです。





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