Sachie Kishihara

365Art+ Magazine @365artplus_magazine
Sachie Kishihara @mua_sachie page ,
Japanese MUA 👩🏼‍🎨 and Art painting 🖼 @beaute_artist

Sachie Kishihara
Artist / painter

[Career] More than 500 pairs of hair makeup for brides who stand on the sunny stage once in a lifetime. 15 years of beauty history. She travels to France several times a year for overseas fashion collections, including bridal at a private salon in Tokyo.

[Overseas activities] Paris Paris 2015 fete de la musiqe “Beaute Japon” Hair Make charge, Eden Presents “Waso Photo Shooting in Paris” Hair Make charge, Make Lesson in OPERA instructor

[Fashion Collection] 2011 Tokyo Girls Collection 2013 Soul Girls Collection 2014 Paris Haute Couture Collection Completed coaching process to France 2020 Paris Collection

Hollywood CinemaMake up Fashion
Course Diploma France ICAM Advanced Esthetician International License

MRD.MRA.Maquillage Drainage Lymphatique visage acquisition 2016 France Ecole Elegance Facial Makeup Training Certification Acquisition ・ France Flavia Palmea Academy Master Course Diploma Acquisition ・ Japan Cosmetics Certification Level 1

Photo @masanao_noda MASANAO NODA
Make up & Style @mua_sachie SACHIE KISHIHARA
Model :AYUNA
Cosmetics : AKTIS
Head piece& Necklace

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